Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Auteur Watch - Antoine Fuqua

I'm assuming this is the same Antoine Fuqua of "Untitled Antoine Fuqua Project" fame. And not the Blair Witch Project, either! And he had to do it the hard way: without the help of Spike Lee OR John Singleton. Can a brother get a 2nd Assistant Directorship up in here or what?
Welp, Fuqua's body of work barely qualifies him for the Decade theory, but I'll try it anyway. I'm going to say the 90s were his favorite decade. He got to take more chances because he was an unknown, getting to work with his two idols: Usher and John Woo. But the 2000s were by far much more fruitful, and he was perhaps at his busiest during Dubya's first term. Almost as busy as Soderbergh! His gestation period was about one film a year for a while, and then he crossed paths with every director's enemy: Jerry Bruckheimer. Hot off the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, King Arthur looked like a surefire hit. And how did it do? ...how did it do, anyway? HORRIBLY!!! But some careers would be salvaged in the process. Clive Owen would work again, as would ultra-thin Keira Knightley. Good lord, she's so thin. Eat something, for God's sake! Be like Jessica Simpson! Just try it!
Anyway, back to Fuqua. Boy! First Michael Bay leaves Bruckheimer, then Fuqua! Betrayal aside, Fuqua would work again. Something called Murder Book in 2005. Just before Brolin's kid hit it big. Then, in 2006, he took some time off to indulge his passion for obscurity with The Call. Damn! The Onion should be all over this. John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell in a throwing contest? Who wouldn't pay to see that? Then, in 2007, he made Shooter, teaming up with that destroyer of directors, Mark Wahlberg. I'm assuming that's his nickname. Just ask Herek and Singleton. They'll tell ya! As for 2009, he's got Brooklyn's Finest which could refer to just about anything if Adam Sandler was in it. But look who IS in it: Wesley Snipes! Give the IRS hell on my behalf, Wes!
As you can clearly see, a busy decade for Antoine. Here's hoping he can afford to take some time off like Spielberg, maybe to form his own studio!

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