Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Auteur Watch - Roland Emmerich

Him? Oh, for God's sake. Make it Hollywood Auteur. The poor man's Wolfgang Petersen. Oh, snap! Oh, no he di-int... Did I spell di-int right?
Anyway, there he is standing next to Tiger Woods. Kinda looks like Cesar Millan in that photo. But Emmerich is the guy you go to when you want the big gaudy expensive remake. Hard to say what his favorite decade is: probably the 90s. That's when he first came onto my radar with the relatively inauspicious Universal Soldier. Of course, I never saw it, but it surely doesn't have the scope and budget of something like Stargate and Independence Day, which came next and next next. If I had to guess, I'd say the 80s were his favorite decade. Well, he was still a young guy, in the best shape of his life and he didn't have the career pressures he clearly does now.
Speaking of which, I don't know how these directors do it, but Roland's increasing his productivity now. Practically banished from the biz with his previously 4-year gestation period, he's bounding back in 2009 with a Stargate-style rehash called 2012. I mean, ponder on it a bit! Both have an academic researcher trying to advance unpopular theories, both have big expensive scenes of ACTION... I guess that's it. I know, 2012's more like The Day After The Day After Tomorrow. What I wanna know is, why can't we get some American directors to make these big crappy American action pics? And THIS doesn't count. I'm sorry. Recession or no recession.
I notice that John Cusack stars in 2012 as Jackson Curtis. Well, it's PRACTICALLY Jack! Where's my disquisition on that? But I just hope he starts 2012 the way he started The Sure Thing with the following line: "Consider the universe..."

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