Monday, April 06, 2009

Auteur Watch - Kevin Greutert

Greutert, isn't it?
Did'ja get it? See because, in all those Tex Avery cartoons... ah, skip it. But it's true after all: Hollywood dreams really do come true! I mean, we're about to be bought by the Chinese, the hole in the ozone is making a comeback, and there's a pile of trash floating in the ocean that's twice the size of Texas, but on the bright side, Saw 6 has a director! And it's the grandson of sculptor Henry Greutert, and his name is Kevin. Not the usual case of nepotism at work here, as this poor bastid's had to claw his way up the Hollywood corporate ladder as, not an editor, like Stuart Baird or Saul Bass or whoever else has made that switch, but as ASSISTANT editor. Everyone loves a unique story. Yes, assistant editing such masterpieces as Donnie Darko and Inspector Gadget, he's run the emotion gamut. Everything from Titanic to Frank McKlusky C.I., everything from Red Corner to Ernest Scared Stupid, he's done it all, baby. Naturally, like all great artists, at some point, slaving over a hot Avid, getting high off that film glue, he thought to himself, hell! I could direct one of these turkeys myself. Then I'll be the man and the editor will be my bitch! First bitten by the directing bug in 2003 with the deliciously ironically titled Pilgrim's Regress, it's been uphill ever since. Not quite able to do the directing thing full time, he's been with the Saw franchise ever since it first started, and with A-list actors no less! Danny Glover and Cary Elwes? I mean, Shawnee Smith rocked the 80s and all, but you think the Saw franchise would get someone! Michelle Pfeiffer in a guest star role? Or how about Quentin Tarantino? He likes this kind of junk. But even though Greutert is only directing Saw 6 and not editing it, I know he's going to get the best in the biz, maybe an Anne Coates or a Neil Travis. How about Michael Kahn or Deborah Nadoolman? I mean, Thelma Schoonmaker. I always get those two mixed up.

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