Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Auteur Watch - Ida Lupino

I totally forgot! I went ahead and captured images for the future planned auteurs to be profiled. I realized this as I was doing Ida Lupino's image on IMDb right now. There goes the hyperlink. Well, lucky girl, she'll always have a home on Turner Classic Movies... at least, until they dump Robert Osborne, start showing commercials and Friday the 13th and Death Wish installments. No, Ida harkens back to an older age, when films had to rely on storytelling and acting to get by, not on swearing and nudity... I know, I know. I mean, something like Boondock Saints would have to not be made at all in the 30s. Or The Big Lebowski, for that matter! A very mixed bag. Unfortunately, like most directors, Ida had to turn to... yikes! TV directing. And kinda quickly at that! For shame. And she did a couple "Have Gun, Will Travel"s! Cool! Might have to pretend like I came across it by accident... we just got Season 2. She also did some Gilligan's Islands, so she'll always have a home on TV Land as well. Hard to say if TV directing had as much of a stigma in those days. In the 70s and 80s and 90s it was more of a stigma, but now thanks to globalization and the dominance of corporate media, TV shows have bigger budgets and bigger stars, and are almost on a par with cinema in terms of quality! Then again, I haven't been watching Heroes or The Event or all that other crap. Is it really better than Percy Jackson and The Olympians? ...Okay, bad example. The point is, Ida was the first chick auteur, girls! Remember that! Alas, she left us back in 1995. She was 77 years young. Godspeed, Ida! ...just checked her IMDb page; can't think of anything of hers I've seen, director wise. Shame on me.

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