Sunday, October 10, 2010

A numerically special day

But I forget how... oh, right! It's 10/10/'10. There's gotta be some way the right wing can scare their base with this. Oh well.
1:57am, Sun.: I forget the big movie this weekend already... better wait another 10 hours or so. I've never done this before! But I felt really strongly about the attached image for some reason. Never did get Bo Derek. Bet Blake Edwards is sorry about that. Of course, I haven't seen all of Tarzan The Ape Man and none of Ghosts Can't Do It, so I'm probably not giving her a fair shake... Poor choice of words?
(Tue.) - Oh, right! The movies! Something called Life or Something Like It debuted this week... I'm sorry, that's wrong. It's called Life As We Know It. Doesn't quite have the punch of The Ugly Truth, but it'll do. Heigl's queen of the box office now! Killers was #1-ish. Duhamel plays the Johnny Knoxville part. The latest Wes Craven horror pic called My Soul To Take rounds out the top 5; according to the plot synopsis, wouldn't Happy Birthday To You have been a better title? And finally, Seabiscuit 2 only came in third! What an unhappy ending to this true story.

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