Monday, October 04, 2010

You like this.

Oh yeah, I'm hip to the whole facebook thing. And I'm trying to hypnotize you. But facebook is a bit more than having Email Plus... but as soon as they start charging for it, I'm so OUTTA THERE! Unless I have even more trouble keeping up with my friends than I do presently. Even with facebook!! Point is, that damn facebook movie's #1! Didn't see that coming. Fincher's still got it, I guess. Benjy Button made a little money, but he kinda needed this. And since Sorkin wrote it, I'm still betting one of the characters says they're never ever sick at sea. Or maybe just never sick at sea. That image took a lot more effort to get than it should have. Should've just gone straight to youtube instead of futzing around with non-commercial-free hulu. Hear that, Hollywood? Two more movie ideas for ya!
As for the other debuts, well, there's Case 39, the latest Renee Zellweger vehicle. She's having about as rough a go of it as did Kim Basinger after she won her Oscar! Too bad Curtis Hanson's not there to give you a hit with Eminem, Zell. The other is something called Let Me In. More damn vampires, but on the plus side, more work for Hit Girl! Can't wait for Kick Ass 2... as long as it doesn't suck.

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