Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Looks like Knoxville up on the cross. As usual, The Onion scoops the story. In the meantime, I'm stuck here with what little news I can get. One usually can't argue with numbers! If I remember correctly, this is the biggest opening for a Jackass movie ever. Damn 3D! Making things more interesting. Seriously though, this time I'd take a vomit bag with me if I were to go see it. Coming in a close second is Bruce Willis' latest paycheck... well, maybe a distant second. It's NOT Krystof Kieslowski's Red, okay? There's no way I spelled that right the first time... Krzysztof! That's it. No, this is Robert Schwentke's Red. I want to be the first to slap label to this burgeoning genre. It's more than action comedy, because that doesn't account for the Baby Boomers Getting Old And Not Liking It factor, or the Too Hip By a Third factor, or the fact that computers are making everything less interesting. When was the last time we had a moment like when Gerrit Graham almost gets run over in Used Cars? Exactly. The beginning of the Reagan Revolution. Now we're at the end of it, and the Big Brother state's almost complete. Orwell predicted movies like this, you know! Only it's that movies were constantly being updated to present a clear, unified picture of reality. He was dreaming, of course: a full employment economy? Puh-leeze.

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