Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Auteur Watch - Jocelyn Moorhouse

Is that Michael Shannon's twin sister? No! It's our latest auteur, Jocelyn Moorhouse. She was a little late to the big Aussie Wave of the 80s, but she just shows to go you that you can never keep quality down! Cream still rises to the top? My smart friends tell me otherwise. Starting with her student film debut in 1983, Pavane, she decided to backpack through Europe for the next 8 years until her TV debut with The Flying Nun... Doctors. And then, it was time to take center Australia's stage with 1991's Proof with future megastars Agent Smith and Maximus Anti-Paparazzius. They, of course, have yet to return the favour, the basterds.
Moorhouse made her American film debut during the 90s feminist wave with How To Make an American Quilt, her combination of The Crow and... let's say, Beaches. That just barely crossed the box office finish line, allowing her to do a second film. It was A Thousand Acres, give or take a few. She'd be writing more in a year or two. I guess she got fed up with the biz and retired early or something. Seems like that doesn't happen as often anymore. Too much at stake nowadays.

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