Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Auteur Watch - Lori Petty

I gotta tread lightly here. I get the feeling that if I'm too harsh on Tank Girl here, I'll hear from her personally. But what's not to like? Seriously? I can't find that one image from Point Break in time, but I think you all know the one I mean... she and Keanu are in bed, the overhead shot. No wonder that Kathryn Bigelow won best director! Somehow seems a cruel fate, though, that the nerdy girl from Tank Girl is now playing Valerie Plame. Just shows to go you... reminds me! Didn't Sandra Bullock play the nerdy girl at least once? ...yup! Gave her the works: glasses, buck teeth, everything. Well, they always get glasses but not necessarily buck teeth! Oh, and Lori was also in A League of Their Own, for all the good it did her. And so, she looked at all the hacks who are already directors: Penny Marshall, Rachel Talalalalalalalalay, and she thought to herself: well, hell, how hard is that? Plenty, apparently, as she's only directed the big two: Horrible Accident... lemme guess, a short film? And The Poker House. Now you would think, it being co-written by funny man David Alan Grier, that it's a comedy, but then you check out the MPAA rating and you see "Rated R for language, and disturbing content involving a minor including rape, sexual content and drug/alcohol abuse"... yeah, it's a comedy. Good double bill with... what else? World's Greatest Dad comes to mind. Not too many prestigious organizations reviewed it, but you know why? Because they're jealous, and pretty girls kick ass, and they know it. Something like that. Damn, I'm turning so simple.

Update: Speaking of simple, here's a link to earlier, happier days...

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