Friday, November 05, 2010

Ho hum, another Halloween B.Off.

Greetings, my 8 followers! Oh, I'm so behind again. Well, things come up, and I have a thing for this Tetris Battle game on Facebook. Better watch out, though: I get the feeling it's a hacker's paradise. Had to change my FB password... I know, big shocker, right? I've only had to change mine about three times now, fortunately, so I'm new to all this.
Anyway, on to this week's box office. Speaking of new to all this, apparently it's the last Saw movie at #1. Oh, but it's the first one in 3D! They can't quit now! 3D makes everything seem fresh and new, just like HD sorta does. Footloose is still the same, though. Saw some of that this week. Meanwhile, do you realize that Malkovich has TWO movies in the Top 10? Red and Secretariat! One of which falls in line with the Bohemian Manifesto's philosophy. I can't see them liking Red... I mean, Secretariat. Frankly, both. Clint Eastwood goes slumming on CBS Sunday to plug his latest, Hereafter. He just doesn't get it. American audiences don't go for the art house movies anymore, if they ever did. Gran Torino 2! That's what they want! He was just hurt REAL BAD, but he's back with a new pickup and one of those new Mustangs that doesn't look as classic. Maybe he should get a Tesla Roadster. The only other debut this week is Conviction, directed by Tony Goldwyn. They say he's an actor's director, but ... and I hate to be sarcastic at a time like this, but don't you have to be able to act to be an actor's director? Oh, no he di'int!

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