Sunday, November 07, 2010

Who wants Box Office Loaf?

Oh, I'm on it this week. It's been a while since I did an image with a bunch of other images all smooshed together, but somehow this week it's appropriate, especially since Tyler Perry's fall 2010 entry has FINALLY showed up! What's the deal, dude? Why keep us waiting like that? Last year, September 11th: I Can Do Bad All By Myself lands at #1. The people were ready to laugh and cry and feel in equal amounts, and laugh / cry / feel they did in droves. You blew it, man!
Anyway, the big 'news' this week: DreamWorks does it again, big surprise. They're like Tyler Perry now too, apparently. Their spring hit was that Dragon thing, and now that it's out on video here comes Megamind. Time to roll out the Will Ferrell slogans! Genius, funny, LMAO, you know the drill. I mean, how can the man NOT be funny? When he played the homeless nude model on SNL (Lucy Lawless!), he made you laugh, then cry, then laugh again. But how many of you contributed to Southern Poverty Law Center after that bit? Egg-zactly. And Tina Fey's along for the ride as well. Same deal: genius, funny, LMAO. But she hasn't forgotten her roots: she still fights the good fight and brings the pain to everyone from Playboy to Victoria's Secret with her unisex calendar on the most recent Night of Too Many Stars. And, for the ladies, Jonah Hill. Admit it, gals, you secretly want a hefty guy, no? Dating the vain bodybuilder gets old after a while, or so I've heard.
At #2, the road trip movie's bourne anew. From the director of 2000's Road Trip comes Due Date. And don't kid yourself: you may think director Todd Phillips has grown up and lost touch with his audience, but it doesn't explain the success of The Hangover or the current filming of The Hangover Part Two. Mel Gibson or no, all involved are here to stay. Maybe Downey Jr. could fill in for Mel! Would that be an act of betrayal? Speaking of Mel Gibson, if he came out with a film called For Colored Girls, well... can you imagine the $#!tstorm that would follow it? Can you, Dr. Laura? Of course, it would be in Aramaic so no one would understand it. But it's Tyler Perry, so all is forgiven. They say he's been writing plays since he was 18, but to me it seems like he wrote ALL his plays when he was 18 and have just now been turning them all into movies. Don't get me wrong, the man does have a sense of showmanship. That Madea keeps current, don't kid yourself! One hand on the Bible, the other with a copy of Jet Magazine... something like that. And his troupe of actors is ever expanding! Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad, WHOOPI GOLDBERG! A veritable Who's Who. Victory will only be complete when Denzel stops by, or maybe even Sidney Poitier. This one probably could've used a little more Madea and a little less Precious, but he's going out on a limb this time, you gotta give him mad props for that. And farming out the writing this time; good move.

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Rose said...

I want box office loaf.
It gives us something to critique about. :) I've linked your blog on mine. Many of my friends have visited your blog after that. :)
You're welcome. lol