Sunday, February 20, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jay and Mark Duplass

There's too much material to cover here, so I'll just focus on Duplass career highlights. It directorially began with The Puffy Chair... okay, with Scrapple. Both Duplasses are credited with directing. It's a simple short film about a game of Scrabble gone awry. For me, there can be only one, and that's The Big Snit. Foot down here. Anyway, that's college time. Time for the real world with The Puffy Chair, the Duplass' take on the time-tested road pic genre. Apparently, this is where the ego clash began, and Jay wanted to take all the directing credit for himself. Okay, just this once, but after that, we're doing like the Coens do now. Credit for both! All for one, one for all. Jay's doing what he can, but really, even a blind man can see that Mark's the alpha brother, graciously splitting his time between acting and directing duties. Next came Baghead, which made some waves, and helped bring about this genre called 'Mumblecore.' Is that going to end up being like grunge, a controversial label some will call extremely unfair? And finally, we come to Cyrus, their first entry into the Weekly Top 10 sweepstakes, and it's all uphill from here. They're more in demand than Jody Hill even! Nothing but award shows and lectures on college campuses from here on out for these Duplass boys. Congratz!

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