Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week's Box Office brought to you by Travelocity

See, for me there's the big story and the real story. At least, for this week. No question, of course, is the neck and neck victories of Adam Sandler's Untitled 2011 Romantic Comedy at #1, and Untitled Justin Bieber Delivery Device at #2... where does he succeed where Hanson clearly failed? Go figure. Well, Hanson certainly paved the way, and the fruits of their labours are being divvied up betwixt the likes of the Jonas boys, Miley Cyrus and of course R&B legend Justin Bieber. And at #3... Gnomeo & Juliet. Me myself, I couldn't help but think of those damn Travelocity ads. Of course, these gnomes will be much more animated, I'm thinking. Where? Where was the ad campaign? Nickelodeon? There must be SOME explanation! Well, one knows how it is. Dump the kids off at G&J, while the adults go to... Adam Sandler's pic? Really? Nah, that can't be it. But, the numbers don't lie! Sandler's pic sold out, so there was some runoff to The Eagle, directed by Kevin Macdonald. Not to be confused with Rambo III director Peter MacDonald... damn! Why couldn't his name be Kevin? Richard Donner talks about the Peter MacDonald in the commentary for his 1978 Superman movie. And that's about it for the debuts this week. Four debuts! Dang. True Grit's almost gone; sigh. But I've got my secret audio recording of it! Tee hee hee... I don't know how The King's Speech's hanging so tough all these weeks. Oscar will notice that, of course, even though it's made less than True Grit. No Strings Attached is doing better than Reitman's last pic, My Super Ex Girlfriend, which was probably a better movie. People just weren't ready to laugh, I guess. Go figure.

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