Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Best Film of ... 2006?

Boy, the Onion AV Club's right! More questions than answers. The making-of stories of the films are more interesting! this week's box office. Not only does James Frey rear his ... handsome head with I Am Number Four, but this Unknown film was apparently made in 2006!!! Why it's taken this long is a mystery to me... okay, the IMDb's made a mistake. Here's the link to the proper Unknown. Oh, these kinds of snafus are what make life worth living. But here's a real unknown for me: Liam's supposed to be married to January Jones in the movie, and Liam's, like, twice her age at least ... okay, at least 1.78 times her age. Old enough to be her father, anyway. You're portraying a doctor, not a vain Hollywood actor who's 'retired' twice already! Act like it!
At #2 is I Am Number Four... Who is number one? You are Number Six! I am not a number. I am a free man! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Sorry, got sidetracked. Kinda looks like Push, except light comes out of #4's hands, not ... pushomagnetic energy, or whatever.
The other debut this week, rather than going direct to video, it's Big Momma 3. Martin Lawrence has his pride! A straight to DVD release would provide comfort to all his enemies. Bachelor Party 2, on the other hand... they could've released that on YouTube and no one would care.

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