Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Gnome named Gnomeo?

What is it about these damn gnomes!???... at this week's box office. It's McAvoy! Gotta be careful, dude. You keep taking roles like this... you're a'gonna get typecast! Wanted, Starter for 10... on the other hand, take as many as you can get. You can't be playing the shlub looking for love forever! You're gonna grow old, and that big Logan's Run called Hollywood's gonna gitcha. Meanwhile, the Guy Fare's not faring so well. Hall Pass at #2... though, to be fair, it did better than that other Owen Wilson vehicle that spent just one week at #8... we dare not even speak its name, we're in trouble enough already. The other debut this week is Drive Angry 3D. This, Machete, Grindhouse... maybe Russ Meyer wasn't so crazy after all. Of course, he'd be just another provocateur trying to compete with the Internet today. Sometimes you just gotta be ahead of your time, or you'll end up being obscure like Doris Wishman and William Castle... I'm mixing my metaphors again, aren't I? All right, who's the next damn auteur...

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