Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Beep beep!

Well, this is arguably not one of the ones people think about when they think of their favourite Stooge shorts. Micro-Phonies, yes... let's see what the IMDb says. Disorder in the Court? Malice in the Palace? All those ones that lapsed into the public domain and are on every other DVD claiming to be the best, latest and greatest Stooges collection ever assembled. Not this one, the Stooges' "tribute" to Horse Feathers. Ah, was there a more reliable comedy plot than winning the big football game? But they do manage to turn the genre on its ear and give it their usual violent spin. The dumb girlfriends of some gangsters mistake the boys for football players and bring them back to their townhouse, give them some hilarious ladies' garments to wear, get sprayed in the face with seltzer, and play hide and seek. The gangsters return, want to kill the Stooges, and proceed to fall down a dumbwaiter. A fitting fate, indeed. All in all, the football fan will be underwhelmed in terms of football with this one, as probably will fans of Lucille Ball. But social history fans will appreciate the fact that the Stooges were indeed a product of their time to an extent, having to beg for money and living in the most temporary of Hoovervilles in the wake of the Great Depression... something like that.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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