Sunday, February 06, 2011


Oh, that photo says it all right there. Are they twins? Oh, I hope they're not sisters. Twins, okay, but mere sisters... Ewww! Yes, time to dissect another Box Office frog for biology class. Lots of "The" movies at the box office, I've suddenly noticed: The Dilemma, The Mechanic, The Rite, The King's Speech... seriously, did The Green Hornet get lost in the shuffle last week? Did I somehow manage to miss that? Shame on me. Better check Variety's records. But once again the hot young new horror pic takes the cake amongst our youthful cinephiles out there, and it's Single White Female Remake 2011... I mean, The Roommate! In 3D, hopefully. The other debut this week is Sanctum, a James Cameron-inspired dealy-bopper. Kinda looks like that film he was supposedly working on about cliff divers, but with a horror twist. Good for him! Meanwhile, the Oscar race continues to smolder. Look at that The King's Speech! The last four weeks at #4? Oh, that's definitely going to take the gold. The American people got historical Brit fever! We pine for the lost empire of old, apparently. It's lonely at the top, something like that.

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