Friday, February 11, 2011

Moe Larry Cheese... the very idea!

Welp, as the freak from A Beautiful Mind once quipped to a colleague, I'm confident that there's not one original joke in this affair called Horses' Collars. Not only that, the boys are already ripping themselves off! Didn't Curly already go crazy and beat everybody up when he heard Pop Goes the Weasel? Yes, he did, in Punch Drunks. Worse than that, the Stooges still haven't found the musical variation on Three Blind Mice to open all their films with yet. Standardization, standardization, in all things these days. That's the curse of our computer-driven era.
But to be fair, you might not be able to guess where it's going. Starting off as a detective story, it turns into a wacky Western! Curly gets shot point blank three times, but he's got a hell of a bulletproof vest. It's not just his magical head that can bend axes and saws yet. There's fancy gunwork, fancy footwork, the boys sing that song they always sing about tears. Nothing but Itchy-Coo Park here; it's all too beautiful. Still not my favorite one. Oh, and they use that woo woo woo from Punch Drunks again! Oh, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it yet. It's also the first time they use the Big Coat gag where a Stooge throws a punch at a bad guy, and swings the other guy in the coat around so they get the return punch. Why not Trip the Light Fantastic with Horses' Collars today?

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

Horses' Collars on YouTube
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Next week: Restless Knights!

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