Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Auteur Watch - Nora and Delia Ephron

Oh, I gotta stop doing those images like that. Well, clearly Nora's the Alpha Ephron... hmm! Alpha Ephron... that's either a star in a constellation or a sorority. Either way, prestigious and classy. But Delia's no slouch either. Think of it! Having a book you wrote turned into a TV movie at 36! How to Eat like a Child... how cool is that? Uh, WAY COOL!
And clearly, the 90s were the fruitful decade. Nora TRIUMPHED at the box office with Sleepless in Seattle... ooh! Great title. (Remember, lovers: allergies are SUCH a buzzkill...) But Delia brought her back down to earth with Mixed Nuts. Don't get cocky, girls! But then, they TRIUMPHED again with Michael and AGAIN with Sleepless in Seattle 2: You've Got Mail... the trail pretty much runs cold after that. But the dynamic duo got back together again for Bewitched... I hesitate to call it a remake. A revisioning, if you will.
What's next for these two? Nothing. They're too tired.

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