Sunday, March 20, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jackie and Jeff Filgo

I'm sorry... it's probably announced as Jeff and Jackie. Better ring to it. Okay, they're not actually auteurs ... yet! I'm sure at some point, as sure as Leora Barish and ... that other guy, they'll look around at all the dufuses (dufii?) directing the things they've written and or produced, and say to themselves, Hell! We're two people with the same last name... why not go into directing? Many others in similar dire circumstances have! Alas, the Filgos' circumstances are a bit dire right now. Their Take Me Home Tonight just bombed good. Didn't even make the Top 10! Strange, because I've seen ads for it. Didn't see ads for Beastly or Limitless, and they made the Top 10. Guess it's the advertising's fault, guys. You gotta go where the other eyes are, not mine. Worse yet, there was no callback for their services on the Wimpy Kid sequel. Probably for the best. This Wimpy Kid franchise is poised to dominate the 3D market! Lotta wimpy kids out there just dying to see themselves on the silver screen. The Filgos must've really a-holed their way out of that project. Still, they've got quite the TV résumé to boast of: "The New Adventures of Old Christine", "That '70s Show", "Men Behaving Badly"... well, two out of 3 ain't bad. And look! They've a-holed their way back into the biz. They got the big one coming up: a TV movie called Untitled Jeff and Jackie Filgo Project directed by Seinfeld veteran Andy Ackerman. See? I KNEW Jackie and Jeff was wrong! Damn it... By the way, is this you in the photo I sent you?

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