Sunday, March 20, 2011

Attack of the Hollywood Hunks

Welp, this week @ the Box Office, SOMEONE must be in Hunk Heaven. At least, the aging hunk set. We got Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureah. (good misspelling, very Valley Grrl... think I'll leave it!) We got... well, there must be SOMEONE in that Red Riding Hood movie. We got McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer; he probably goes shirtless at the beach at some point. We got Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles. He ain't exactly a spring chicken; great name, though! We got Johnny Depp in Rango who's approaching the big 5-0! Sigh. But at #1, baby... finally! Something for the ladies. It's Untitled 2011 Bradley Cooper Project... I mean, Limitless! And speaking of Limitless... ladies! He's single again! Just broke up w/Renee Zellweger. Case 39 must've just finished re-dubs or something. Well, Renee's a lot like Jennifer Aniston: no man is good enough. Apparently men aren't the only serial monogamists.

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