Sunday, March 06, 2011

Alas, the work of Furcifer's never done...

Someone's been on Wikipedia! I wasn't even sure when Rango was coming out, but it's done well enough to justify Rango: First Blood Part II. At #2, doing half as well, is Steven Soderbergh's new pic, The Adjustment Bureau. Actually, Soderbergh had nothing to do with it... it just SEEMS like he had something to do with it. And, at #3, doing another half as well, is something called Beastly. I was counting on The Onion to eviscerate this Twilight-ish take on the old Beauty and the Beast tale, but The Village Voice would just have to do. They picked up on the one touch of hipness: something about Korean soap operas. One of the producers must've spent some time in Korea or something. Oh, the hideousness of it all! I can't take it!!!

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