Sunday, March 13, 2011

Auteur Watch - Bobby and Peter Farrelly

You know, when you run through the short list of the Kings of Gross-Out comedies, well... there's Trey Parker and Matt Stone, there's Adam Sandler, there's the Zuckers, there's Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Head Over Heels, John Leguizamo, the list goes on and on... but the two who stand head and shoulders above all those people in Hell who're standing knee-high in some horrible goop made of the inside of bathroom sink drains on their lunch break, then have to squat back down in it when the lunch whistle blows,... where was I? Oh, right! Peter and Bobby Farrelly! Alas, the 90s were their best decade, when Clinton ushered in a new era of PC-political correctness, and they were one of the few brave souls who fought bravely back against all that. Then the 2000s came and the powers that be became the obscenity, so the Farrellys responded with more tepid fare like Stuck on You and their career nadir Fever Pitch. But they're poised for another comeback, and I guess this thing called Hall Pass helps a little bit. I didn't even know they directed it! They must've been ashamed of it or something. None of the ads mentioned that they directed it. But never fear, folks. They're coming to save the day and their faltering reputations again with their The Three Stooges movie. Will it feature inappropriately placed semen? Will it not? We're all holding our breaths... because it's time to kneel down in the goop again. Bye!

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