Sunday, July 17, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jon and Jake Kasdan

For some reason, I've always heard that show business is something you wouldn't want to bring your kids into. That must've been your father's saying, because the opposite seems to be the norm these days! As long as you keep your nose clean, it seems like a fine way to pass the time. Take the Kasdan boys, for example. The 2000s seem to be working out better for them than for dad, that's for sure! I'm surprised they keep Dreamcatcher on their résumé... oh, right. That's just Jonathan. Well, he's still growing his sea legs as a director, but as an actor, whoa! Look out. Edward Norton, Sam Rockwell... does he not deserve to stand in this company? But I will confess that apparently, on the IMDb, you can see the whole movie of Slackers on something called Crackle. Maybe you'll have better luck with it, but it just made my computer freeze for about three minutes. Yeah! I know! What nerve. For that and other reasons, I'm going to skip the free showing of Slackers. It's not the 1991 Richard Linklater classic, incidentally, but the 2002 raunch fest directed by... whoever. Dewey Cox... I mean, Dewey Nicks. Guess he was too real for Hollywood. He's certainly no Walt Becker or Brian Levant, God forbid.
But these Kasdan boys, God bless 'em, I think they're going to be just fine. Maybe they can teach ol' Larry a little something about connecting with audiences in these 2010s of new. Compare Roger Ebert's scathing review of Bad Teacher, in which he refers to un-sympathetic characters and slipshod editing... and compare it to its box office performance. Which critic are you going to ultimately listen to?

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