Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just what's going ON down at that IMDb, anyway?... Are you always this nice?

Well, apparently, what's going on is that there's a tie for first place between the Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens. I'm shocked! I could've sworn The Onion was going to give Favreau a free pass. I mean... he's Favreau! Vince Vaughn's friend? The two Iron Mans? Will Ferrell in Elf? Bueller? ... ah, people are over-using "Bueller" these days in polite conversation. Raja Gosnell strikes again, as The Onion noted, but he can't keep up his streak forever. The new, non-nepotist generation's taking over Hollywood! Monsters. Another Earth. They're lean and hungry and wanna work, build up the ol' resumé, Raj. As for Cowboys & Aliens, well, I'm told the winner goes on to play the winner of Monsters vs. Aliens in the finals. Wouldn't that be weird if it were an Aliens v. Aliens lineup? It's probably going to be Monsters v. Cowboys. They'll team up to play the winner of Alien v. Predator. Wait, the v. means a lawsuit. Get Dersh!
The other debut this week is Crazy Stupid Love. Or, rather, I guess it's spelled like Eat, Pray, Love, with commas after each word. But even though it's trying to ride Julia Roberts' coattails, I think it's also trying to make fun of them, but perhaps they're both not so different. Crazy self-obsessed white people at the center of their own limitless universe. Oh, God, let me join you! I'll give up movie criticism forever! Still, just once I'd like to see Steve Carell go back to his ol' Daily Show stomping grounds and not kiss Stewart's ass so hard. Oh, "I owe everything to you..." Gimme a break.

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