Sunday, July 24, 2011

Captain Remake

It was the 40s, baby. Classic cars, fast-talking dames, what's his face on the radio. If you remember the 40s, you weren't there, George. Something like that. Well, enjoy Captain America while you can. It's going to be remade soon enough. Guess the Harry Potter bunch isn't playing ball here. Number 2 after only one week? ...and you heard it here first! Remember that!!! Meanwhile, Transformers 3 has crossed the all-important 300 million barrier. It'll turn a profit some time around 2019. But even more exciting than that! The IMDb gurus screwed up again! I don't think 2009's Friends (With Benefits) wowed the American box office all of a sudden. Who wants to see a bunch of middle-aged French people? Or for that matter, French people around the age of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis? No, we want 2011's Friends With Benefits. Or so the web ad geniuses would have us believe. Oh, Richard Jenkins. It seems that Oscar nominations lead to this kind of thing. After all, Natalie Portman did No Strings Attached... and she WON an Oscar! I thought Jerry and Elaine already laid these issues to rest, so to speak.
But I gotta give one last shout out to Midnight in Paris. It's hanging in there, man! Even if it's just lowly #10. If you track it on Variety, it might look even more persistent, but who's got time for that except the man himself? I doubt if Larry Crowne will come back, though. Just sayin'.

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