Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Titles

Welp, as much of a sign as Transformers 3 is of the downfall of our culture, the end of literacy, what have you... some people just can't get enough! And I don't think it's the same people who buy Ann Coulter's books in bulk to get them onto the prestigious New York Times Best Seller list... maybe it'd be cheaper for Pat Robertson to just come up with his own best seller list. Or is that defeating the purpose? Of course, Transformers isn't making Dark Knight money or Spider Man 2 money, as in they're not counting the number of hours it took for it to get to 100 million, 200 million, etc. Still, it'll break even in a month or two, that's the bottom line. Meanwhile, at #2, it's Horrible Bosses. For Kevin Spacey, it's pure profit. Swimming with Sharks 2, if you will. So been there done that. I'm assuming Jamie Foxx is at the point in his career where, when someone asks him why we don't have a Wanda movie, even HE goes "That's just not a good idea." Mostly to rub it in Keenen Ivory Wayans' face. As for the title of Horrible Bosses, I can see the DVD documentary now: either the producer or director's going to say "Well, we were trying to think of a title, so we started with the premise of the film. It's a comedy about horrible bosses, so one of the writers put 'Untitled Mean Bosses Comedy' on the script. Then it got changed to 'Horrible Bosses' after we met with the copyright lawyers and... I dunno! It just kinda stuck!" And stick it will, especially in the Japanese market. At the big premiere, no one could tell Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis apart. I thought Sudeikis was a comedian! Was this not the perfect opportunity for him to play a horrible boss? Make it like his "Two A-holes" character? Oh no, he's still got to be the cool leading man. He's got a few good years left to do it, too, so might as well live them up, am I right?
In other cool news, the latest Untitled Chris Farley... Kevin James Film debuts at #3. At least Nick Bakay's found a niche other than at the sports commentary trough. Still... I hope he's holding his nose a bit. Zookeeper of course was filmed on crappy looking digital video tape, and somehow that's the perfect medium for it. I hope TGI Friday's goes out of business. And that's it for this week's debuts, so I... am... outta here.

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