Monday, December 19, 2011

Auteur Watch - Michael and Shawn Rasmussen

Well, up until recently, the Rasmussens have been the picture of obscurity. They have yet to become epic game-changing icons if the 2010s are their favorite decade, that's for sure. Still, they've been working the studio system, rocking the film festivals, and learning from the screenplay workshops. They only worked on the script of 2005's Long Distance, but did everything on their 2011/2012 directorial debut Dark Feed. They obviously have taken a step backward in terms of casting. Where's the one big name that every film like this needs to stay afloat? Take their work on John Carpenter's The Ward. See? Gotta have one big name... even if it is a faded 70s/80s director icon. Carpenter saw Drag Me to Hell and thought, hey! I got an idea for a movie. A toast to the endless future of future horror mavens the Rasmussen boys!

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