Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spielberg vs. Spielberg

Boo, IMDb. Yay beer! Well, the official IMDb top 10 is still on last week, so I have to go to my backup plan,, which says that Tom Cruise's movie tops the box office this week. The rebound story of the year! Just last week it was at a mere #3 or something or other. So, they started running the pictures of Tom Cruise wearing a hoodie... and he's 18 again! Lucky bastid. Dragon Tattoo came in third, something else second... Sherlock Holmes 2, that's it. So the top three is all sequels... if you consider that Dragon Tattoo is based on a trilogy. Close enough. But for me and people like me, the real story is Spielberg's two films going head to head. Why, I haven't seen anything like it since John McTiernan went up against himself in 1999. That's right, THE John McTiernan! Die Hard? Predator 1? The list goes on and on... actually, those are the only two anyone remembers. But it appears that Spielberg couldn't crack the top 3. For shame. He hasn't had as rough a time of it since The Terminal came out in '04, but at least he's never had as rough a go of it as with Pluto Nash. Sheesh! I gotta run. Pic later.

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