Saturday, December 03, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jesse and Evgenia Peretz

Lemme tell ya something... it's getting cutthroat out there in the world of showbiz! Well, probably the world, in general. But showbiz in particular, even a child of semi-privilege is having a hard go of it these days! You know, the kind that Noah Baumbach makes films about, mostly The Squid and the Whale, where life is very long and there's time ONLY for fussing and fighting, my friends. Take Jesse Peretz, for example. His resumé's not exactly full to bursting, like David Gordon Green's or Morgan J. Freeman's was in the late 90s, which of course means he's living life to the fullest, like Terry Gilliam hopefully is. But still, as he, along with the rest of the world, emerged into the post 9-11 world, it was hard to make an impression in the full-to-bursting filmmaking community. I mean, if you can't get noticed with Zach Braff in your movie, well... guess who's taking the fall for that?
And so, Jesse needed a partner. Enter Sister Evgenia of the Virginal Movie Career... Hey, don't laugh! Can't argue with resluts! Results, rather. Just as the Farrelly brothers got on the Jim Carrey train at the right time, so to did the Peretz siblings ride the Paul Rudd Concorde to glory with 2011's Our Idiot Brother: a smarter, not-as-edgy Judd Apatow-esque production. At least, Apatow's name isn't in the full credits list on IMDb. Not even under a "Special thanks" category! There's nothing new yet on the Peretz slate, but don't worry. They'll be busier than Jody Hill in no time flat. They'll have to subcontract their work, they'll be so busy! So keep an eye on these two, as they'll be household names around this time next year. In fact, you won't have to keep an eye on them at all! You'll be sick of them by then. But they'll win you back, no question about it.

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