Saturday, December 17, 2011

Auteur Watch - Stephen and Timothy Quay

Man! Bad week to get some blogging done. Sorry, gotta keep it short. Well, we're up to the third pair of identical twin filmmakers. Good Lord! If you've taken an experimental animation class like I have, you've probably heard of the Quays. According to their IMDb bio, they're "best known" for Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer music video... but I'll bet they don't like to think so! Apparently they did the wood and metal sequence, judging from their body of work. Using magnets and metal filings for animation, that's how they made their stamp on the world. Alas, I'm not terribly familiar with their work otherwise, but I think what The Onion said about their Piano Tuner of Earth-Quay-kes probably sums it up best... it wasn't good, basically. But it's still better than total obscurity, right? Like THIS BLOG!!!

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