Saturday, March 23, 2013

Auteur watch - Omowale Akintunde

Who?  Well, wherever he's from, he's the toast of New York now.  Akintunde's probably best known for something called An Inaugural Ride to Freedom, which sounds on the surface like something that might actually be a right-wing Trojan horse, but the plot description seems to suggest otherwise.  It's the tale of a group of university students preparing to attend Obama's first inauguration, or Get On The Bus: The Obama Years now available on DVD.  Having conquered the world of the documentary, Omo moved on to where the real money is: fiction.  And 2010's Wigger is the best he could do.  I'm not going to be the first to review it!  If it's not the story of Quentin Tarantino, then I can't handle the truth.  What next for Akintunde?  He's busy at the Avid cutting the sequel to An Inaugural Ride to Freedom, after which it'd probably be time for Wigger 2: White Boogaloo.  You give 'em hell, Omowale Akintunde, and take that apprenticeship with Jonathan Demme if he offers it to you.

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