Saturday, March 23, 2013


The family-friendly Pixar-esque film in 3D is #1 this week again.  Big surprise.  Meanwhile, the big R-rated president-centric action flick Olympus Has Fallen takes the #2 spot.  Finally!  A pic that liberals and Tea Partiers can watch together: Tea Partiers going to see a black president under siege, and liberals going to... well, frankly, I'm a liberal and I'm not going to see it, so I dare not speak for my people.
My Beverly Hills source tells me that Jennifer Aniston's assistant placed a call to Tina Fey's office, saying "Oh, it's on, bitch.  You're coming into my backyard, taking my roles?  I will CRUSH you!"  Something like that.  The point is, Tina Fey's now dipping her toes into the murky cinema waters and, while Admission didn't debut strong, it could still cross the $100 million mark by the end of the year.  But you'll figure this stuff out.  Probably should've gone with Chris Weitz instead of Paul for director.  Everybody knows he's got more of a populist touch.
And finally, the social media's buzzing about it, the critics love it, the people seem to love it... and Rachel Korine better love it if she knows what's good for her!  She's hanging with Hollywood's best and brightest now, living that Maureen Dowd dream of getting in touch with her inner slut... something like that.  Yes, it's Harmony Korine's triumphant return to the fold with Spring Breakers, the movie that's not what it seems, and in all the right ways.  Is this not like Tarantino's return to form with Kill Bill?  After taking some time off with short films, Korine is back to try the feature length auteur game... oh, right, there was Mister Lonely.  I keep forgetting.  The point is, Korine never really went away, it just felt like it.

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