Saturday, March 02, 2013

Box office 3-3-13

Sheesh.  I'm too uninspired to change the banner headline.  As the Onion said, at #3 is 21 and Over, a ripoff of The Hangover from the writers of The Hangover.  That makes it okay, then!  Well, somebody's got to make money off of America's permanent rolling adolescence, so why not them?  Plus, they're directors now, too!  They're working harder than they thought they were going to.  Still, I can't help but long for the days of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, for some reason.  They're apparently skipping Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and going straight to six, so they're doing pretty good already.
Another debut this week is called The Last Exorcism: Part II.  I had to make sure that it wasn't a Wayans family comedy, but apparently it's a legitimate scary movie.  Must've been publicized in the Catholic trades.  And finally, the press can poo-poo it all they want, and dampen the thunder of its weak ticket sales, but the #1 movie this week is nevertheless Jack the Giant Slayer.  So, what does he slay?  He's a giant slayer of what?

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