Sunday, March 17, 2013

Auteur Watch - Salim Akil

Born in Hollywood's backyard, Salim Akil is so close to getting somewhere.  He achieved infamy with the 2012 remake of something called Sparkle.  2012's answer to Glitter, apparently.  Which is perfect because he seems to be following in Vondie Curtis-Hall's giant footsteps.  His next project is called Diggy Simmons MOW.  Man, I'm so unhip.  I'm looking at the IMDb page, and I don't see a single character named Diggy Simmons.  If you get any ad money, I suggest you go the Atlas Shrugged route and have posters with a black outline of a person, and the words "Who is Diggy Simmons?"  I'm sorry.. "Who dat Diggy?"  But you know what you're doing.  Just remember Bowfinger's prophecy: when you hit 50, it's over.  But don't ask Mary Lambert!  She wouldn't know, that's fer sure!! Ha ha!!

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