Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Lovely Bones

Once again, it's Oprah Winfrey's The Butler... I mean, Lee Daniels' The Butler at #1.  Oh, it's definitely going to sweep, but somehow I feel like the academy's loathe to give Oprah an Oscar, even now.  When in fact, it's the perfect move!  She gets the Oscar, and she can't stop gushing about it for months and months.  Her ratings slip, she goes into seclusion, problem solved!  Right?  Boy, but that Academy's cruel.
Meanwhile, the trend towards high literature haute-couture continues at the box office with the debut of something called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.  Geez, how many international best-sellers have I not heard of yet?  All I know is they've stopped making Left Behind movies.  The devil's a lot like the house in Vegas, isn't he?  Oh, and of course, the literary trend includes Percy Jackson.  What I wanna know is: what about Cirque du Freak?  I heard there's, like, twelve books in that series!  We've only got one movie so far!  Will no one pick up the slack?  So what's Darren Shan?  Chopped liver?  Don't tell me he's the proverbial male gorilla that got defeated in the dating game and is doomed to wander off into the forest to die?  This isn't anarchy, is it?
Oh well.  Anyway, according to my meticulous research, there's three other debuts this week on the Top 10: Woody Allen's latest, a horror pic called You're Next, and the end of the Pegg/Frost/Wright trilogy called The World's End.  I hate to be negative, but I think I'll just wait to see it with friends.

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