Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brought to you by... Morgan Spurlock? Seriously?

The next generation of Michael Moores are taking over, and obviously not taking things as seriously.  Sometimes you just gotta stop and have some fun... yes, even with Simon Cowell.  Sheesh.  A new flavour of fascism is taking over the music business.  Why, it's right there in the band's name!  One Direction!  So much for thinking for yourself and what not.  Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher's ode to Steve Jobs is gone, Kick Ass 2 is gone, Grown Ups 2 is gone, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones going.  This Labor Day weekend at the box office, it's all about the youths from 8 to 80 who watch the X-Factor ... what channel is that on, anyway?
Meanwhile, just as there were other acts on Ed Sullivan the night the Beatles were on, there's a couple other debuts this weekend.  At #5, something called *batteries not included... sorry, I mean Instructions not Included.  Sounds like an indie comedy centered around Ikea.  Now, let's check to see what it actually is... close enough.  Unleash the George Lopez wannabes!
Yes, the more adult fare's all taking a back seat this weekend.  Why, Lee Daniels' The Butler slips to #2, for Gawd'z zake!  That can't be good.  There is no joy in Oprahville right now.  Nor probably not in Lordhawke's camp.  Ethan Hawke's got a new feature this weekend called Getaway and it debuted at #9.  Guess they should've tried calling it Stick Around instead.  Looks like a reboot of 2011's Drive.  Also seems to be in that Faster subgenre of Fast and Furious wannabes more generally.  Dayamn, but there's a lot of movies to keep track of!

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