Saturday, August 24, 2013

Disorder outside the court

Our next Stooge film is the classic known as Listen, Judge.  And if you go to Listen, Judge's official "Connections" page at the IMDb, you can see what they feel this is a remake of.  They cite An Ache in Every Stake and They Stooge to Conga, but I feel they're leaving out the setup of that undisputed Stooge classic A Plumbing We Will Go.  Not to mention the party they sabotage by catering it from Crash Goes the Hash.
Also, this film contains an example of what I've come to think of as Moe's "Maximum Rage."  It doesn't happen often, because he's usually pretty amped up as it is, but three examples come to mind.  1) Three Missing Links when they're f... messing around in the office and Moe starts going "GIMME THE BUCKET!! GIMME THE BUCKET!!!"  2) I Can Hardly Wait, when Curly turns the bed into a waterbed by accident (he was a victim of circumstance, as usual) and Moe barks "GET OUTTA THIS BED!" at maximum rage.  And finally, here in Listen, Judge when Moe's just been officially pulled through the wall by Larry and Shemp, arriving amidst a cloud of asbestos and particles of particle board.  Moe's got two pieces of the wall in his mouth that look like giant buck teeth.  "A GOPHER!" cries Shemp.  Now, I don't know what you do when you see a gopher, but I'll tell you what Larry does: he grabs an axe and starts hitting Moe on the head with the non-blade part of it, which might be worse in a way.  "Get me outta here..." says Moe.  Wait for it... After Moe's on his feet, he explodes, saying "I'LL GOPHER BOTH OF YA!!!"  Shemp tries to crawl into the wall to escape, lol.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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