Thursday, August 01, 2013

Moribund the Burgermeister

Well, a momentous day has arrived for me personally and professionally.  Alas, I shall no longer be able to devote as much time to reviewing movies anymore, as I have finally found a new job!  Therefore, I will not be devoting as many words to Stooge films and Popeye cartoons as I used to... which is probably for the best.  It'll probably make them more readable!
Anyway, on to the next Popeye, which is called What--No Spinach?  Spoiler alert: the title refers to the audience's reaction when Popeye goes into Bluto's Diner and orders roast duck.  Bluto's employee, Wimpy, is a bit taken aback by this as well... or maybe not.  Wimpy's permanently lost in his hamburger-centric world.  In fact, he's starting to take over Popeye's territory!  Wimpy gets his own song at the start, a song about... wait for it!  That's right, hamburgers.  Popeye has to re-affirm his importance to the franchise by ambling up to Bluto's Diner, singing his theme song.
And so, the struggle over Popeye's belly begins.  Popeye orders roast duck for Popeye, but Wimpy changes the order to a hamburger for Wimpy.  Bluto makes a hamburger and has to make sure Wimpy doesn't eat it.  Popeye repeats his order, shouting it to Bluto directly.  Bluto cooks a duck, but Wimpy has his own plans for the duck's drumsticks.  Bluto probably should've tried to find a larger pool to pick employees from, especially considering that Wimpy was partly responsible for Bluto losing his ferry business from the previous short, Bridge Ahoy!
No, Bluto and Popeye are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over (Bluto throws a can of spinach at Popeye, then throws an axe that cuts the can in half!!!), but Wimpy's a smart, crafty one, and this is not the last time he tries pitting the two against each other, the rat bastard.
(highlight: Popeye reads the menu on Wimpy's chest.  The top word is "Menu" and Popeye mutters to himself "Menu.  I don't want any of that!" )

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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