Friday, August 09, 2013

Less than 20% recycled footage!

According to my hasty, less-than-rigorous scientific calculations, there's a few bits of recycled footage in the first and second acts of Pest Man Wins... that's right, there's no The in the title... and the main recycling from 1947's Half Wits Holiday comes from that film's Third Act in Pest's Third Act.  Also, they brought back Al Thompson, Emil Sitka and the old woman who says "So!  You want to play ROUGH, do you?" to establish continuity.  Now, maybe I'm just Brown Noser in Chief here, but you gotta hand it to those Stooges!  They recycled, but they weren't proud of it.
As for the plot, well, it's your usual class warfare stuff that the Stooges usually engaged in: making life hell for the snooty rich people that were unfortunate enough to cross their destructive, capitalist paths.  The Stooges play exterminators who know not what to do with all the extra stock they have, so Larry has a flash of genius when they happen upon a lavish party at an expensive house.  They'll unload all the mice, moths and ants they can, then offer their services to the good people to then remove them!  The boys seem to have a lot of fun unloading their pests, and theoretically they'll be easy to clean up, seeing as how they should remember where they left them all.  Also, they get to do that bit where they dance as someone thrashes around in agony and or pain.  In this case, Vernon Dent tries to shake loose a mouse that managed to burrow its way between his flesh and his clothes.  Larry follows it around on the floor with a hammer and he hits feet instead, men's and women's.  Oh, he's no sexist!  He ends up with an empty tray dropped on his head, thereby serving as a warning for all of us.  Never hit the help on the foot, as they might be holding something they could drop on you.  Lol.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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