Monday, August 19, 2013

Next Popeye: Let's Get Movin'

Wow!  I have even less time than I thought I would!  And I can't even think of a clever title.  Something about the subject matter, I guess.  Oh well.  Well, to keep it real short, Olive's officially got a clean slate, because she's moving today, as the opening song informs us.  Popeye stops by to help her move, but laughs at him.  Popeye's not one to embarrass easily, but Olive can make him do it.  Poor guy, Olive thinks he can't handle such a simple task as that.  As Cops Is Always Right will later prove, Popeye's not much of a multi-tasker either!
And so, Bluto officially makes his entrance.  Popeye goes over and sits on the chair.  Bluto takes the chair and Popeye falls out of it.  Rinse and repeat with the couch.  Popeye's manliness degradated by denial of existence?  Check.  This can't go on forever like this.  Idle hands are the devil's playthings, so Popeye tries to prove he's got what it takes to help Olive move.  He starts with the table and chair... well, it's a start, anyway.  Bluto eventually feels threatened after Popeye's fancy move with the piano, and he starts aping Popeye's move.
Scene: ground level, where the ass-whooping begins.  Popeye must be tuckered out from all that moving because he reaches for the spinach right away!  No Passion of the Popeye this time, we gotta keep it short.  Popeye's either in a rush or he's wussing out.  And so, with spinach quickly digested, the tables turn and Olive's stuff goes flying, but she's more amused and scared than upset.  After she lost her country estate in The Two-Alarm Fire, this is a relatively less devastating loss.  I'm not quite sure if this rises to the level of a classic, but the animation's very slick and fluid (take the spinning stove near the end, for example) and Popeye's mumbling is top drawer, so to speak.  Let's call it three and a half.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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