Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another chance of Meatballs

Once again, this snuck up on me!  I mean, I've seen all the new ads for Prisoners hailing it as the #1 movie in America.  This weekend, however, as Bill Maher might quip, it's a movie even more American: the sequel to 2009's sleeper hit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1.  Where were the ads?  How am I so out of it?  Might be for the best, but whatever they're doing right, they must be doing something right.
There were also three other debuts this weekend, for a grand total of four.  Crowded box office!  I think last year there were five in one weekend, but four's been the max this year, according to my crack research.  At #3 it's Ron Howard's latest flick called Rush.  This may be as close as he'll get to that film that he's wanted to make about the time between 1982 and 2007, only much more awesome.  But judging from the previews on TV, he seems to be stuck in the green screen studio, while his crack technicians are out there in the real world getting all the background shots.  The well-publicized Don Juan.... I mean Don Jon came in at #5, so to speak, which leaves another that flew in under my radar, Baggage Claim at #4.  So let me see what this is all about... well, I hate to jump to snap conclusions, but it looks like we've got the next Tyler Perry on our hands!  Just stay away from Oprah, bitch.  She's Ty's girl, exclusive-like.

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