Thursday, September 19, 2013

Take THAT, Colbert Bump!

So there's only two episodes of Breaking Bad left.  Time for that final confrontation between Walt and Jesse... at least, laying the groundwork for it.  They'll devote one episode to Walt setting up his new life in New Hampshire.  Then perhaps something happens to his barrel of money.  He'll lose it somehow and have to come back.  He gets the vial of ricin, maybe has to kill neighbor Carol, then head off to the High Noon-esque finale.  Still kind of exciting, nevertheless!  It's like when some employees on The Simpsons phoned Variety to leak the ending of "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"  Variety refused to do it.  This kind of thing only comes along once in a long while.  At least once every twenty years.
Anyway, back to the business at hand.  Prisoners is #1 at the box office, and Stew-Beef had on Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.  A direct correlation?  That's two #1 movies for Jackman this year, and a shade less than two months apart!  He'll be able to write his own ticket for a while now, but he'll still have to stick with the boiled chicken diet.  The only other debut this week is something called Battle of the Year, giving only a typically average debut at #5 with five million dollars.  How perfect is that?  Maybe it'll be a cult hit on video, who knows.  There's a third debut, but it's the original Wizard of Oz.  What's that all about?  And isn't it a little late for that?  The Oz prequel was so four months ago!

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