Sunday, September 29, 2013

Short Reviews - September 2013

Whoa, dude.  Am I right?... sorry, Spoiler Alert.  Walt kills someone else.  I guess this doesn't affect the Emmys so much, anyways.

Oh boy!  We've got cable again.  Time to catch up on all the bad movies I've been missing.

The Apparition - This is how old and out of touch I'm getting.  I thought this was a sci-fi epic set far into the future.  Turns out it's just got a lot of modern technology I've never used!  A SmartPhone, for instance.  Man, I'm so unhip.

Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story - With Jeff Daniels as ... Tom Noonan?

All the Rage - With Jeff Daniels as... Warren Harding?  As in, PRESIDENT Warren Harding?

The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie - With Deborah Offner as Miss Offner

Exit Wounds - Alas, Elliot Goldenthal doesn't get credit for the music, seeing as how they cribbed part of the soundtrack from "Heat."  But there are those of us who remember, L!

Batman & Robin - Then again...

Miaou - For all those 'Words with Friends' players out there stuck with nothing but vowels

Last Vegas - Makes 2000's "The Crew" look kinda prescient

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