Sunday, September 29, 2013

...our first compilation Popeye?

Long-term memory... failing... if only there were some sort of blog that kept track of all these Popeye cartoons...  Wait!  It's coming back to me now.  I think this is the second.  Adventures of Popeye was the first.  And the production values were sure different on that one.  At least they had the originality of combining live action and aminash-kins, ack ack ack!  How do you spell out Popeye's laugh phonetically, incidentally?  That's the kind of thing I should know.
Anyway, the premise this time is strictly restricted to the animated world.  We start with Olive walking down the street, flanked by Popeye and Bluto at the same time.  Olive sees an ad at an Army Recruitment center and swoons.  She's just nuts about a clean shaven man!... I mean, a man in uniform.  This was just before WWII flooded the soldier marketplace.  Like Pavlov's dogs, Bluto and Popeye hustle into the office and tell the man behind the desk that they want to enlist.  By the ancient rules of dramatic convention, there's only room for one.  Time for our next pissing match.
In lieu of owning competing penny arcades, Bluto and Popeye have to resort to flip-book technology to show the recruiter why they're the best man for the job.  Sounds like the cop from Cops is Always Right!  Neato.  And so, Bluto shows a clip from ... well, all the films are listed here.  I can understand that the crew of the Fleischer studios would need a break after two epic productions like The Spinach Roadster and Sindbad the Sailor, so this is what it looks like.  To be fair, I think they re-did the audio again for these film clips.
One bit of animation that's kind of interesting in a self-referential way is when Popeye eats the spinach and starts beating up Bluto with an army theme.  Popeye repeatedly bounces Bluto off a wall, turning Bluto into a blur that looks like Bluto marching.  An ode to the old animation of Muybridge, combined with an unintentional ode to SmartPhone technology to come (some 80 odd years later).  Do people still show videos to others in person on handheld devices anymore?  Or is it all just second hand hyperlinks?

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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