Thursday, September 19, 2013

Auteur Watch - Richard Ayoade

My hip friends like this guy, so I gotta pay him some respects.  And to be fair, he does look like he's been busy.  Check out the IMDb résumé!  Actor, writer, director, producer, miscellaneous crew, thanks, self ... I think that's about all the categories that one person can have!  Almost seems like appearing in The Watch was a step back for him!  At least, with all his hip friends in private.  So the only question is, what's his favorite decade?  This child of the greatest decade of all time, including Cretaceous and Devonian, the late '70s?  To have MTV in your adolescence during its high art period before Madonna published her Sex book?  How could you not go on to such success?  Surely his favorite decade is the '90s, a fine time to keep your nose to the grindstone and plant the seeds for future success.  Anonymity was his weapon then, absorbing the culture like a sponge his secret power, for it was during the 2000s that the work began to flow.  He wasn't afraid to conquer the wasteland that was TV back then.  I mean, if you get a role like Dean Lerner, well... I don't know, is it any good?  I've heard The Mighty Boosh is.  Acting, directing, writing... dayamn, this guy's the real triple threat deal.
Alas, the decades to come look grim indeed.  Maybe it's just me.  Are we going to yearn for the '70s forever?  But Ayoade's headed for the higher echelons, and might be doomed to stay there permanently.  Work less for more money, that's the dream.  You can do that now!  You'd really be set for life if you directed an episode of Parks and Recreation, but Community's not a bad start.  Weekends with Lorne Michaels for the rest of his life.  That's the price you pay!

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