Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

So there are only three episodes of Breaking Bad left.  Now, I don't want to try and crack the code too much, but here goes anyway.  Seeing as how Schrader and Gomie are seriously out-gunned, I have to think that at least Gomie's going to die.  Seems like they only kill off one main character per episode.  The show's creators have painted themselves pretty far into a corner this time.  Now, judging from the cliffhangers they gave us for the aftermath, Walter returns with his New Hampshire identity to get the vial of ricin from the house, and he's got an automatic weapon... maybe they'll start with that tonight!  Leave us hanging.  I think he's heading for a final showdown with Todd's extended family.  It's a little too late to introduce new characters, but we'll see.
Whatever happens, I don't think Skyler's going to take it well... oh, right!  The box office.  Well, the bland Patrick Wilson scores again with only his second horror flick this year.  Seems like he's made more somehow.  This one's called Insidious: Chapter 2.  It's indeed insidious, as I'm not even familiar with chapter one!  Here's the link to chapter one.  I dunno... I can't get into these PG-13 horror flicks.  I mean, if you're going to make a horror flick, you might as well go for the R gusto, but maybe that's just me.  The other debut this week is The Family, Luc Besson's latest.  And judging from the A-list cast (the '80s-'90s era A-list cast) and the fact that Besson actually directed this one himself, it must be a cut above the dreck he usually just produces.  And where's his super-scribe in crime Robert Mark Kamen?  Why am I the only one who has to keep coming to this guy's defense? ...Taken 3 and a Transporter TV series?  I guess Besson now keeps Kamen away from his A-list babies as well.  Ouch!
Meanwhile, I almost totally forgot!  That Mortal Instruments thing is already gone after two weeks!  Maybe they should've explained better to the rubes out there that it's based on an international best seller, and that there's, like, fifty books in the series.  Or maybe they should just put it on TV like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or something.  Will no one preach the gospel of photogenic monster fighters?  No one at all?

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