Thursday, October 03, 2013

I think I'll try defying gravity... and you won't bring me down

Boy!  Some things are harder to find on the internet than others.  I didn't realize that that song they play at the gym over and over was from the TV show the mortals call Glee.  Well, I'll have a more respectful attitude towards this comedy show from now on, I promise.  Anyway, George Clooney does it again in one of the seven plots: cowboy, astronaut,... what's the other five?  Seriously, though, is this some elaborate prank on Sandra Bullock?  Can't push her into a swimming pool now, that's for sure!  What about her cell phones?  Meanwhile, at the other end of the Top 10, Enough Said rises from lower than 10th place.  And it's been out for three weeks?  Tony Soprano's not happy about this!  Li'l bit.  Where's all the loyal fans now?  Hmm??  Or do we not like Elaine so much, is that it?  She may have broken the Seinfeld curse on TV, but movies is still another domain, apparently.  Poor thing.  Poor rich thing.  Speaking of which, Justin Timberlake's latest movie, Runner Runner, debuts at #3.  Where's all his loyal fans now?  Hmm??  Are they so busy that they can't go to his latest movie?  He's got another one in December, you know!  Oh wait... that's a Coen brothers thing.  That's chopped liver!  Phooey.
And last but not least, the other debut is something called Pulling Strings.  Well, I don't go to church, so I didn't hear about this one.

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