Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Short Reviews - October 2013

There's an irony there somewhere...

The Counselor - ...Uncle Hank?

Need for Speed - ...Pinkman?

Only Lovers Left Alive - Wow.  Even Jim Jarmusch is jumping on the vampire bandwagon.  It better be INDIE vampires, damn it!

Ender's Game - Just found out it's based on a bestselling book... now available at Safeway!  But I guess if you've got a name like Ender, sooner or later you're also bound to have a game.  An endgame, if you're really shooting to be iconic!

Django Unchained - Is it just me, or is there a rather lot of screaming in pain in Tarantino's movies?

About Time - Has Richard Curtis run out of cute titles?

Cabaret - Maybe it's just me, but I think Liza Minelli is to Cabaret what Holly Golightly was to Breakfast at Tiffany's

Casino - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!!

Love Jones - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!!

Original Gangstas - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!

Maximum Overdrive - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!!

The Legend of 1900 - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!!

Raising Helen - ...on YouTube?  For FREE?!!!!  ...actually, that one I can understand.

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