Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bluto Durham

Ah, the sports-themed cartoon.  Is there any more reliable genre?  It's baseball season again for Popeye, and Popeye's Pirates are playing Bluto's Bulls.  And this time, Bluto's found a girl that's more his body type as opposed to the rail-thin Olive.  I think this is a first!  As you can see, Olive and Bluto's gal aren't getting along.
As with the previous Popeye called Hospitaliky, higher powers are monkeying with the rules of the spinach.  It's foreshadowed big time when Popeye starts to take to the field but forgets his spinach in his locker.  Then, he drops the can of spinach in front of Bluto.  Bluto eats the spinach himself and refills the can with "some weeds" next to the pitcher's mound.  Ah, the days before Astroturf.
Well, I don't have time to do my usual exhaustive play-by-play, but I'll hit some of the highlights.  The first time Popeye's up at bat, he mightily strikes out, causing tears to flow out of Olive's Pac-Man-shaped eyes.  Is this the end of Popeye as we know it?  Will it be Bluto eating the spinach on a regular basis?  Will the armies of darkness march all over the face of the Earth?  We'll just have to wait and see.
The score at one point: Bluto 21, Popeye 0.  Popeye tries the spinach, but it's Bluto's grass clippings in disguise and it just doesn't work.  Oh, and Popeye's got a team as well... but not for long!  Bluto hits the ball and the ball goes to each of Popeye's teammates and gives them a concussion.  Popeye is saved for last, of course.  Bluto stands there and laughs.  Having just knocked out the catcher, Bluto's reign of anarchy on the field begins.  Will no one stop this madman drunk with power?
Popeye's about as out as can be, but he's got one last trick up his sleeve... a packet of spinach seeds!  LOL.  Popeye quickly grows some spinach and gets back in the game... eerie.  We just saw The Illusionist last night!  Remember?  The orange tree... ah, skip it.  And so, Popeye wins the game at the last minute as can only be done in a cartoon... but with a twist.  Popeye gets to 22 points, literally with the help of Bluto turning into a number 2 on the scoreboard!!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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